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Math and Physics Calculators

Online math and physics calculators with step-by-step solution

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Calculators (Number theory)

Math Calculator

This calculator is designed to calculate mathematical expressions, including the calculation of roots, exponentiation, logarithms and trigonometric operations.

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Mathematical Expressions Calculator

The expression calculator is designed to calculate and simplify expressions of any type.

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Equation Calculator

The equation calculator is designed to solve most types of equations and systems of equations, such as: linear, quadratic, cubic, equations of the fourth degree and more, etc. To solve an equation, enter an equation and specify a variable, for example: x, y, a, b.

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Quadratic Equation Calculator

The calculator solves any type of quadratic equation, including incomplete quadratic equations, calculates real and complex solutions, and also plots and finds the points of intersection of the parabola with the x-axis.

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Write an Equation When Given Its Solutions

The calculator generates quadratic and cubic equations from its solutions using Vieta's formulas.

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Sum Calculator

Sum Calculator compute the sum and convergence of the series. To start working with the calculator, specify an indexed variable, index of summation, lower and upper bound of summation.

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Fraction calculators

Fraction Calculator

With the fraction calculator you can easily: add fractions, subtract fractions, multiply fractions and divide fractions online. The calculator displays the result with the solution, which will give you the opportunity to easily master the operations with fractions. When filling in the fields, use integer, non-negative numbers, and to set the fraction sign, use the "+/−" button.

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Common Denominator Calculator

The calculator makes the denominator the same for two, three and four fractions and gives a step by step solution.

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Simplifying Fractions Calculator

Fraction Simplification Calculator with step-by-step solution reduces a fraction to an irreducible form.

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Improper to Mixed Fraction Calculator

Step by step calculator converts improper fraction to mixed fraction.

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Mixed Fraction to Improper Calculator

The step by step calculator converts a mixed fraction to an improper fraction. Enter non-negative integers for the numerator, denominator and integer part.

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Raising a Fraction to a Power Calculator

This calculator can raise any fraction to positive, negative and fractional powers and gives a detailed solution. If the fraction does not have a whole-number part, leave this field blank, if the fraction is negative, set its sign using the (+/-) button. To write a fractional power, use the “/” sign, for example 3/5 or -3/5.

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Compare Fractions Calculator

Calculator compares positive and negative fractions with step by step solution.

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