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Improper to Mixed Fraction Calculator

Step by step calculator converts improper fraction to mixed fraction.

Enter an improper fraction

Proper and Improper Fractions

A fraction in which the numerator is less than the denominator is called proper, for example, 3 7 or 5 6 7

A fraction in which the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator is improper, for example 7 3

How to convert improper fraction to mixed fraction?

In order to convert an improper fraction to a mixed one is necessary:
1. Divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator.
2. Write the remainder as the numerator.
3. Quotient should be written as a whole number.
4. Leave the denominator the same.
5. If the improper fraction had an integer part, then the integer parts must be added.

Let's give some examples, convert the improper fraction 45 7 to a mixed fraction:

45 : 7 = 6 (remainder 3)
6 - whole-number
3 - numerator
7 - denominator
45 7 = 6 3 7

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