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Coulomb's Law Calculator

The online calculator of Coulomb's Law with a step-by-step solution helps you to calculate the force of interaction of two charges, electric charge, and also the distance between charges, the units of which can include any prefixes SI. The calculator automatically converts one unit to another and gives a detailed solution.

The calculator calculates:
Force interaction of two point charges.
Point electric charge.
Distance between charges.

The Electrostatic Force F Between Two Point Charges

Formula of force interaction of two point charges The force of interaction of two stationary point charges in a vacuum is directed along a straight line connecting these charges, is directly proportional to the product of the moduli of these charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. The electrostatic constant k = 8.9875517873681764 × 109. Force is measured in the SI unit of newtons and represented by the symbol F.
First charge q1 =
Second charge q2 =
Distance between charges r =
The SI unit of force F

Point Electric Charge Q

Formula Point Electric Charge Q A charge equal to one coulomb is characterized as a charge passing through the cross-section of a conductor, through which a constant current of 1 Ampere flows per second. Charge 1 coulomb is a charge that in a vacuum acts on the same charge equal to it, located at a distance of 1 meter with a force of 8.9875517873681764 × 109 Newtons.
Force F =
Second charge q2 =
Distance between charges r =
The SI unit of charge q1

Distance R Between Charges

Formula Distance R Between Charges Based on Coulomb's law, the distance between charges can be expressed as the square root of the quotient, where the numerator is the electrostatic constant k = 8.9875517873681764 × 109 multiplied by the product of the first and second charges, and the denominator is equal to the force F of the interaction of two charges.
First charge q1 =
Second charge q2 =
Force F =
The SI unit of distance r

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