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Gravitational Acceleration on the Planets of the Solar System and Their Satellites

This table contains the values of the acceleration of gravity on the surface of the planets of the solar system and their satellites.

Free fall acceleration is the acceleration that a body acquires under the action of a gravitational force near the surface of celestial bodies in outer space.
The SI unit of gravitational acceleration is meters per second squared.

Acceleration on the surface of a space object According to the law of universal gravitation, the acceleration on the surface of a astronomical object (stars, planets, etc.) is equal to the ratio of the product of the gravitational constant G and the mass of the object by the square of the radius of the object.

Acceleration at height h above the surface of the space object The gravitational acceleration at a height h above the surface of a space object is calculated using this formula.
G = 6.67 × 10-11 N × m2 / kg2

Free fall acceleration g on the Earth's surface is 9.780327 m/s2

The Sun273.1 m/s2
Mercury3.7 m/s2
Venus8.87 m/s2
Earth9.780327 m/s2
Moon1.62 m/s2
Mars3.711 m/s2
Phobos0.0019 m/s2
Deimos0.0039 m/s2
Ceres0.27 m/s2
Jupiter23.95 m/s2
Io1.796 m/s2
Europa1.315 m/s2
Ganymede1.428 m/s2
Callisto1.235 m/s2
Saturn10.44 m/s2
Titan1.352 m/s2
Enceladus0.111 m/s2
Tethys0.145 m/s2
Rhea0.264 m/s2
Dione0.231 m/s2
Iapetus0.223 m/s2
Mimas0.064 m/s2
Uranus8.86 m/s2
Pack0.028 m/s2
Miranda0.079 m/s2
Ariel0.27 m/s2
Umbriel0.23 m/s2
Titania0.379 m/s2
Oberon0.346 m/s2
Neptune11.09 m/s2
Triton0.779 m/s2
Nereid0.0715 m/s2
Proteus0.07 m/s2
Pluto0.617 m/s2
Charon0.278 m/s2
Haumea0.44 m/s2
Makemake0.4 m/s2
Eris0.82 m/s2

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